The Exact Features You Need to Split Test Two Completely Different Experiences.

Pick the challenges your experimentation program should conquer. With features like multi-page split tests, hybrid tests, 90+ integrations and more.

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Split Testing is More Than Dividing Traffic Between URLs.

Split testing is the compass that points you in the direction of experiences to optimize. Split testing is the backbone of innovation in your business. Why not do it on a platform that testers have loved using for more than 10 years.

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Split Test To:

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Validate Your Website Redesign

Ideally each change you make to your site should go through your A/B testing machine. In the real world, you split test the older version of your site against your shiny new design to understand the impact on metrics that matter.

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Pick a Theme That Encourages Buying

Your store theme can make or break your buyers’ experience. It’s the difference between added to cart and bounced from page. It’s also notoriously difficult to quantify for performance. Split testing is a good start.

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Pitch Checkouts Against Each Other

Go beyond adding and removing trust symbols. How about changing the way your checkout behaves? How about testing checkout apps and customization? This is possible, with split testing.

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Bring Innovation to Your Business

Got a breakthrough you know will improve sign-ups, boost revenue or make retention a reality? Create a Minimum Viable version of your brainwave and split test it against the original. If the numbers you want to move, actually move, you have a data driven case for the C-suite. Split testing will vouch for your “best ideas”.

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Split URL Testing Features People Don’t Talk About on Social.

Split URL testing isn’t meant for headline swaps and button color changes. You crave to conduct sweeping, strategic experiments with it. We let you do that.

With plans starting at USD $499/month.

Hybrid Split Tests

For the perfectionists and last minute planners. We got your back. Your split test candidates could do with some style tweaks right? Don’t go running to Dev. Apply changes to the experiences by running a Deploy on top of a split URL test. The best part? Deploys are drag and drop. You’ll get it done all on your own.

Split and Deploy
Multipage Split Tests
Multipage Split Tests

Need multiple (original) URLs to point to a host of variations? While passing query parameters along the way.

This complex scenario is possible with Convert Experiences.

Companies like Conversion Rate Experiments Use tools like Convert Experiences

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Audience Targeting With 40+ Filters

Split tests are about going broad in scope. And accurate in targeting. We give you an advanced drag & drop targeting engine where you can mix and match 40+ filters to create segments by:

Traffic Sources
Traffic Sources
Traffic Sources
Visitor Data
Traffic Sources
Visit Times
Traffic Sources
Traffic Sources
Page Tags
Traffic Sources Weather
Explore Audience Targeting in Detail
Audience Targeting Engine with 40+ Filters
10 Experiment Goals To Quantify Impact
10 Experiment Goals To Quantify Impact

Split URL tests demand exhaustive monitoring. Since so many new inputs are introduced, all at the same time, you should not only track a primary KPI, but also secondary goals, and guardrails to ensure nothing is broken by the interventions.

Traffic Sources Page Visits
Traffic Sources Revenue Goals
Traffic Sources Click Goals
Traffic Sources
JS Triggered Goals
Traffic Sources Scroll Goals
Traffic Sources
Advanced Goals
Traffic Sources
Google Analytics Goals
Explore Goals in Detail
90+ integrations And Counting

We don’t know the specs of your tech stack. But from simple to downright scary, whatever you’ve got going on behind the scenes, Convert Experiences can work with it.


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Hivelocity is growing lightning fast. With growth comes more website traffic. Convert allows us to use data from our website visitors to not only better define our customers interest but also build a better product. Any B2B SaaS company looking to better their customer experience and reach more targeted prospects will find Convert a vital addition to their marketing assets.

Mike Architetto
Mike Architetto
President of Hivelocity
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Where the client has never done any testing before, we typically look first to use Convert ( I like Convert for a number of reasons. From the very beginning, it has been one of the easiest tools to integrate with Google Analytics. Also, for tricky variations, I’ve had better luck with Convert than others (Optimizely) at getting the variation to display just the way we want. And the support at Convert has always been excellent—again, better than most of their competitors.

Julien Le Nestour
Tom Bowen
Website Optimizers
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I appreciated the transparency in pricing and the free trial. Having looked into a few similar solutions, it took weeks of back and forth with demos, multiple phone calls, etc. before the other companies would finally quote me a price. In the end, the other solutions were 2-3X the cost and required 12-month commitment. Convert publishes their pricing, let's you run through the entire interface with the free trial and offers month-to-month subscriptions.

Chris Watts
Chris Watts
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For two reasons - one, they are just so visual and comprehensible. And two - cause you’re seeing great results by testing more, better, faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Split Testing:

What is Split URL testing?

A split test or a split URL test is often used interchangeably with an A/B test. This isn’t wholly accurate. While you would still compare two different versions of an element or an asset, in split testing the beauty lies in the simple execution and broad scope. 

Here’s why. 

In a split URL test, in most cases, your A/B testing tool is in charge of splitting traffic between two URLs that already exist on your site. Some examples include: 

  • Implementing a widget like a loyalty program pop-up that significantly impacts the way people perceive your offering and constitutes you innovating on your existing business model.  
  • Different checkout flows for different product categories – a bare bones one-page checkout vs something more elaborate with upgrade nudges and reasons to shop your brand. 

What this means is the A/B testing tool is mostly exempt from manipulating the code and CSS of your website. That part is taken care of by your development team. 

Yes, the variant pitched against the original may not be a high fidelity, fully functional version of the change you wish to see later down the line. But its delivery isn’t restricted to the code editor of your experimentation platform. 

Split testing is thus more strategic. Think of it as a compass, pointing you in the direction of paths and experiences that are worth thinking granularly about and optimizing iteratively. 

Another factor here is the scope of the experiment. If your old site competes against your newly redesigned website, you aren’t interested in minute 1% conversion lifts. You know there is a change. One that is likely to alter traffic response.

This is why you can use a wider net in statistical terms and go with a high MDE (Minimum Detectable Effect). This means, given the same traffic, your split tests will usually conclude faster than a more nuanced A/B test, as the lift will usually be stronger in either direction.

When should I use split testing and when can I opt for A/B tests?

Let’s keep this simple. 

Use split testing when you aren’t interested in barely detectable shifts. When you know you’ve made a significant change to the status quo and you wish to see how the buyer response pendulum will swing. 

Use A/B testing when you want to have a direct causal relationship between the change and the outcome. Many optimizers recommend adjusting only 1 element in an A/B test, so that with an adequate confidence level and the right sample size, you can be quite sure of the fact that your idea (the hypothesis) has indeed moved the needle – either positively or negatively. And the observed effect is not random noise. 

While split testing helps you efficiently discard or adopt approaches, A/B testing is your reliable channel to finesse an approach and take it to the next level, learning about what works for your audience along the way.

Does split testing affect SEO?

Not if you conduct your split tests the right way

To better understand the risks, let’s talk about cloaking. 

Cloaking content was mentioned in the early days of search engines (around 1990s). In those days, SEO was all about keyword stuffing. So SEO agencies would display a page full of keywords when a search engine bot visited to crawl / index the page. 

While if a user visited the same page, they displayed the default (normal) version. This strategy of keyword stuffing used to work like wonders so naturally search engines started devising clever ways to detect and penalize such cloaking. But thanks to Google’s PageRank algorithm, keyword stuffing no longer works.

But you still have to be mindful of the following when you redirect your traffic to your variant. 

  1. Place the rel=canonical link attribute on all of your alternate links, pointing to your original page. This will help point bots indexing your website to your original page. Experiments involving redirects should be fine as long as they don’t redirect to unexpected or unrelated content.
  1. As long as you are not basing your traffic allocation on a search engine vs human distinction (using Googlebot user-agent in Audiences feature), you will not be punished for cloaking. Google doesn’t care if their bot sees one version or another; it just cares that its bot has the same user experience as that of a random visitor.
  1. Run the split URL test only as long as it is necessary. You have the right to use the power of experimentation to grow your business. But an experiment, by its very definition, runs for a limited period of time. Respect that.

How is split testing useful in marketing?

Again, steer clear of advice where people talk about split testing headlines. 

You can easily accomplish this with the Visual Editor and an A/B test. If you wish to experiment with combinations of elements spread out across variants .. that is a multivariate test. 

Split tests are ideal for scenarios like: 

  1. Testing different price points to avoid the hassle of revenue tracking. You can spot definitive winners through something as simple as Google Analytics. 
  2. Testing different landing pages for the same ad copy and creative. 
  3. Testing different landing pages and even content type for organic social posts. 
  4. Testing website re-designs. 
  5. Testing store themes. 
  6. Testing search functionality and algo changes where you have modified how results are served from your back-end and database. 

I’m comparing split URL testing tools. Which ones should be in my consideration set?

Split testing isn’t as fly by the seat of your pants as a jaunt down any social lane suggests. 

You need specific features to fully explore what is possible with this fairly simple concept. 

We have written a blog comparing split URL testing tools we personally think make a lot of sense for SMEs and teams that are still getting their SoPs down pat. 

You can also download our A/B testing tools comparison wizard that will walk you through how Convert Experiences stacks up against platforms like Optimizely, Google Optimize, AB Tasty, Dynamic Yield, Amplitude and more.

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