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At Convert, we’re always optimizing for a better product, a better planet, and a better way to work. Join us and help build things that you believe in.

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Who We Are

We’re As a company, we’re an optimization software market leader. As people, we care about privacy, inclusivity, the entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility, and photos of each other’s pets.

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We could talk about the fact that we have been in the CRO game for a decade and our features and products. But at the end of the day what will make Convert relatable for you is our passion for improving outcomes.

We make businesses (and websites) better - one test at a time. And with our hiring initiatives - we are also invested in making lives better, one awesome, unique team member at a time.


We are a fully remote team spread across 15+ countries, powered by Holacracy.

Convert believes in a three-pronged mission that encompasses our product, financial health and social issues.

We actively encourage our distributed team to volunteer and buy locally.

Our core team has the opportunity to openly discuss challenges and goals in its implementation

Convert Team

We hold our Conscious Business values pretty seriously. So it goes without saying; we don’t discriminate based on age, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, religion, marital/family status, arrest history, financial status, disability or geographic location, education or citizenship.

We want the best culture and talent match for us.


Goes a little like this...

8:00 AM

You wake up and remember that there is no arduous commute to the office. You work from home!!! (or your friendly neighborhood co-working). So you roll over and sleep some more.

At Convert - the focus isn’t on when you work or how much you work. It’s squarely on the results you generate.

1:00 PM

You check your emails. The CEO is asking you to take on a project (with a big “please” in the subject line).But you can say “No”. And live to see another day.

At Convert - the focus is on empowering you to do your best work through Holacracy. Not on implicit power struggles and unspoken hierarchies. You’re welcome.

5:00 PM

You finish your Google Analytics course. You share your badge on the Slack channel All_Humblebrag and get a ton of appreciation. (And a smattering of tacos!) Now you can work in the marketing sub-circle. Even.Though.You.Were.Hired.As.A.Developer.

At Convert - you are not limited by job titles and designations. You can bring all your skills to the table, and hone the ones you didn’t even know existed. Promise!

At Convert we require: accountability, heart, hustle.
We don’t require: timesheets, hierarchy, pants.

Are you a Converter at heart?

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What Converters Say


At Convert, none of us are forced to come to work, and help the organizations that operate outside of our moral standards. We know that what we’re doing is furthering what we believe in. And that’s motivating. And when we’re motivated, we stick around. We work better. We get invested.

Morgan Legge

Remote work transformed my communication and behavioral skills. In the beginning it can be difficult to adapt, but once you get started, you learn how even different punctuation marks can reveal your mood and energy vibes. I started noticing how people write when they are happy (lots of punctuation marks !!!, …., emoticons), when they are disappointed, when they are stressed or even when they are sleepy.

Dionysia Kontotasiou

My two month trip to Canada was possible because of remote work. I also attended a tech conference in March 2017, half sponsored by Convert. And I’m always free to travel with my family while still working from my laptop.

Alejandro Gómez


The perks and benefits

Freedom to work from anywhere your life takes you

Whether it’s your home office, your favorite coffee shop, or that really comfy beach chair. We want you to be empowered to make yourself as productive as possible, with perks like; Kindle and Audible credit, subscriptions, coworking budget and home office equipment.

Putting you in control of your health and wellbeing

We believe you’re best placed to decide how to manage your own health and wellbeing. What does this mean? You could be eligible for a stipend to use on health benefits of your choice. Whether that’s health insurance, dental work, new glasses or a massage. It’s up to you.

Work life balance doesn’t have to be elusive!

Life happens. We offer additional leave for bereavement and weddings—plus up to 4 months of parental leave. That aside, Convert employees make their own schedules—so when “life stuff” comes up, “work stuff’ won’t be in your way.

Time to Disconnect

Every full-time team member is guaranteed 14 days of paid vacation, and paid national holidays — no matter where you are. Need more time off? No problem. Unpaid vacation days are unlimited.


  • You’re self reliant, but not self centered. You ask questions, seek feedback and take pride in being a team player.
  • You display initiative, and are totally fine with owning your mistakes. You know you’ll do it better the next time!
  • You have the entrepreneurial spirit. You are driven, you are a driver of progress but not a stickler for perfection. You seek out existing opportunities and also make your own as you go.
  • Transparency and commitment are the building blocks of success within Convert. Tell us where you’re at with your projects and we will help you get to where you want to be. We know you can’t be 100% productive all day, every day. That’s okay! As long as you’re open about your roadblocks and willing to move ahead.
  • You are articulate. And confident. And don’t worry - we love accents.
  • You are a ninja when it comes to Asana and a Slack Yoda. You pick fights with our cheeky Slack bot and know how to collaborate - both async and in-sync.
  • You firmly believe that “impossible” says “I’m possible”. Your curiosity is stronger than that of the assorted cats our team members own! And problem solving isn’t just a requirement at the job - for you, it’s a way of life.


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