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Real Humans Without Scripts For Your Experimentation Program.

"The support team at Convert is incredible! Whenever anyone on my team has a question, the Convert team is always highly responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful!" – Scott R (via G2 Crowd).

Convert’s Support

If You Like Interacting With Real People, You’ll Love Our Support Team.

There is a conversation that happens at Convert when we hit a growth milestone. Will our support team be able to keep up with the increasing demand?… And every year we re-commit to hands-on, script free, raw and real human support -- completely in-house.

We could probably expand faster if we cut a few corners. But that’s not Convert. And we can’t do without these testimonials from our users.

Let’s Get You Up and Running With a Team That’ll Become Your Team.

Meet Our Support Aces

Roshan N Roshan N

Tech-savvy support magician skilled in A/B testing, DevOps, & server administration

I love my job, especially resolving customer issues. Passionate about optimizing user experiences and elevating satisfaction through technical solutions.

Jacob Solis Jacob Solis

Customer Technical Support

My experience in analytics, engineering, and product allows me a 360 view of customer challenges. At Convert I use this skill to troubleshoot technical issues and enable optimization success for our users.

Poonam Deshpande Poonam Deshpande

Customer Technical Support

My passion for web development and problem solving can be traced back to my pre-professional days. Whether at programming competitions like ACM-ICPC or at my first job, I’ve always been passionate about developing web-based solutions. At Convert, I am dedicated to bettering the customer experience with timely assistance and reliable product education.

Dionysia Kontotasiou

Head of Integrations / Data Privacy and Information Security Officer

My daily routine spans from navigating the complex and changing landscape of regulatory compliance down to developing technical solutions to help mitigate privacy and security vulnerabilities.

George Crewe

Customer Success Manager

It's rewarding for me when I can use our products to guide our customers in the right direction.

Lennard Struijk

Account Executive / Sales Manager

The most exciting part of my job is getting to sell to and interact with people all over the world.

Claudiu Claudiu Rogoveanu

CTO / Back End Dev

I make sure Convert’s cloud infrastructure works—that no matter how many page views are loading, they load without a blink.

Outperforming By Culture

11 minutes 34 seconds

Median First Response Time

*Compared to Zendesk Average of 2.4 Hours

4 hours 31 minutes

Median Time to Close


Number of Support Articles

*Compared to Zendesk Average of 64

Based on industry benchmarks curated by Zendesk, Convert’s support responds 10x faster than other SaaS platforms (across categories and verticals).

We also resolve user issues in a little more than 2 hours from the time it takes other A/B testing tools to even get to your query!

We wish we could say these numbers are the result of a carefully planned (AI supported) process that is the picture of efficiency.

It’s not!

Convert’s core values revolve around being human.

We understand how annoying it is to get stumped in the middle of setting up an experiment. We jump in and keep at it, til you are testing again. More time deploying, less time waiting.

4 Ways Convert’s Support Team is Different

No Scripts

We don’t read you fluff scripts.
Our solution oriented team takes the time to understand your unique challenge and then dives deep to solve it with you.

Access to

Put your developers in touch with the people who coded the Convert Experiences platform, from the ground up. We’ve had our CTO pitch in on tickets. You work with senior support stalwarts who’ve assisted Convert users for well over 13 years.


Root cause analysis is part of every Convert plan. It means your maiden A/A tests return acceptable numbers… and if there are discrepancies, we run manual traffic analysis to ensure that your time with us is off to a reliable start.

FREE 10-Step

Beyond everything we’ve covered, Convert plans also come with a FREE 10-step onboarding.

This onboarding is geared to familiarize you with the tool, and put the basics of running successful experiments in place:

  1. Kick off call
  2. Creating 5-10 hypotheses (in Convert’s Compass or 3rd party solutions)
  3. Setting up the first project
  4. Setting up goals
  5. Ensuring the snippet (code) is correctly installed
  6. Drafting an A/A test
  7. Enabling needed integrations
  8. Running the A/A test
  9. Monitoring the A/A test or variation till it has visitors
  10. Monitoring the goals created till they register conversions

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